[MLZ] CMOS Book Reviews?

The Book Review (bib output) feature is currently active in the CMOS (Full Note) Style for standard Zotero. It does not seem to be present/active in MLZ CMOS. Is it feasible/possible to activate it in MLZ? Thx, M
  • Can do. If you have a sample cite to work from, I can set it up this weekend.
  • Wonderful. There is already some discussion here:


    The example from CMOS 14.215 (simplified a bit):


    1. Ben Ratliff, review of The Mystery of Samba, by Hermano Vianna, Lingua Franca 9 (April 1999): 13-14.


    Sorby, Angela. Review of Songs of Ourselves, by Joan Shelley Rubin. American Historical Review 113 (April 2008): 449-51.

    **The first name is the name of the reviewer.
  • Just following up on this post--the "Reviewed Author" field is still not showing up in CMS citations of book reviews in MLZ.
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