Delicious Library Import

I use Delicious Library (a mac program that imports books via a webcam ISBN scan--pretty slick). It's a great program and I was surprised there was no way to import its data into Zotero.

I managed to transform the DL xml into Zotero's RDF format and uploaded the XSL to

Maybe this will help someone? I feel like this is something that would be nice to have integrated into Zotero, but I am unsure how to proceed.

  • Thanks for making this Snosons. This opens up a whole new way to bring items into a Zotero collection. I think a lot of people will find this quite useful. I will add information on this to our Documentation later today.
  • Importing your Delicious Library (v2) into Zotero is pretty easy:

    1) In Delicious Library, select File-->Export-->Export to Another Application
    2) Select the BibTeX format and click "Export"
    3) Locate the file that you exported. It should be called "Library Export[Date].bib"
    4) Change the file extension from .bib to .rdf
    5) In Zotero, under the gear symbol, select Import... and locate the .rdf file you made
    6) It should import as a new Collection called "Library Export [Date]"
  • Changing the file extension is only necessary due to a temporary FF bug that will hopefully be fixed soon. Alternatively you can open the .bib file in a text editor, select all --> copy and in Zotero use "Import from Clipboard" - that will do exactly the same.
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