Is it possible to change the default behaviour of the Move Item to Trash dialog?

When one deletes an item a dialog pops up enquiring if on really want to Move item to trash. I find such dialogs annoying as they involve yet another click. Is there a way to change this default behaviour? I looked in about:config and could not locate a relevant option.

With grateful thanks, Martin
  • No it's not. Since it allows you to permanently delete items, an extra confirmation is an important precaution and mirrors similar behavior in all operating systems.
  • OK, many thanks for the response!

  • From the library root, you can press Cmd-Delete (Mac) or Ctrl-Delete (Windows/Linux) to skip the dialog.

    From a collection that will switch the action from Remove from Collection to Move to Trash, though still with the dialog.
  • Many thanks but I do not see this behaviour on Ubuntu (both del and ctrl-del) bring up the dialog.
  • What version of Zotero/Firefox?
  • Zotero
    Firefox 33.0
    Ubuntu 14.10
  • Sorry, Shift-Delete on Windows/Linux. (Used to be Ctrl.)
  • That works, many thanks!
  • Thanks, this is really helpful for filtering imported literature searches. My workflow is now

    1) import (from Web of Science) which puts everything in a collection
    2) drag everything onto a tag (e.g. 'filterme')
    3) from library root, Shift+Delete anything not required

    Is there an inverse of "drag to tag" so I can remove the 'filterme' tags from surviving items?
  • you can delete a tag completely by right-clicking it. Does that work for you?

    Otherwise, the only current way to batch remove a tag from multiple (but not all) item is to make it a colored tag -- then you can select all items from which you want to delete it and press the number key associated with it.
  • Either of these approaches complete my workflow. Thanks.
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