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When I try to import my data (from a BibTeX) file, Zotero just keeps on trying to import to no avail. No data ever gets imported and my whole browser locks up after a while forcing a restart. I am using Firefox 3.0.2 and have exported from EndNote. The error report number is 168466847. I have tried this three times now with no success. I will try to re-export the data and try again, but would appreciate any suggestions from others who have imported from EndNote
  • Is it a particularly large file? What happens if you break it into smaller chunks?
  • I just tried a file with only 20 records, and it worked this time. I will break my large database into more manageable chunks and try to import them separately. Thanks.
  • I just tried again with a file of about 2000 records and it choked again. Any idea how many records can be imported in one shot?
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    It is most likely not an issue of the number of records, but an issue with some of them being malformed. You can try breaking it into chunks to isolate the malformed records. If you do find the offending items please post them in the forums so we can diagnose exactly what is wrong with them.
  • Unless you're getting an error message, it's most likely not actually freezing—the progress indicator will stop, but Zotero is still importing data, and you should hear disk activity. A large import could take quite a while, depending on the speed of your computer.
  • Dan may be right, but I waited 4 hours, and my entire system basically ground to a halt. Other processes were running, but so slow as to make the computer unusable. I got the import to work by breaking it into small chunks and importing each chunk. The original file was around 6000 records. I imported chunks of about 500 records and each would finish in about 1-2 minutes. So, while it may take a while, something was clearly going wrong with the large file, and no records appeared to be malformed in the end since they all imported in the smaller chunks.
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