How to custom the resolver?

How can I set the resolver to locate books in my university library, or other libraries nearby? I cannot just put in the library's URL, right? Then what should I put in there?
  • You need to find your Library' openURL resolver address. Zotero should be able to figure this out for you, but I am not sure it it is working. I found out mine using this extension: which uses this site or you could ask someone at your library.
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    for: Aberdeen University (Scotland)
    I have a working resolver by putting this in zotero's 'resolver' field:
    using 'version 1.0'
  • To find your resolver address, try this:

    search for something on Google Scholar

    If you can find any articles that say "Fulltext@NameOfYourUniversity,"
    click that link. In my case it was a link to the SFX server which provides the OpenURL resolver for my university library. Use the URL up to (but not including) the question mark. Somehow Google Scholar seems to be set up to do this for many universities already.
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    Zotero should theoretically be able to do the same thing if you click "Search for resolvers" in the prefs. I imagine that Google Scholar is just using the same OCLC OpenURL Resolver Registry that we are. You can also check manually.

    Note that it will of course only work if you're on campus or otherwise within a block of recognized IP addresses.
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    At the University of Alabama at Birmingham
    seems to work.

    the "search for resolvers button" did not seem to work
  • mbolding: Did the manual check work?
  • Research members of the Max Planck Society can use the following resolver:

    With 'version' set to 1.0. (What's that setting, anyway?)
  • would be nice to update this how-to documentation

    as the links ("For other OpenURL resolvers") are all broken.
  • Thanks for the note. I switched out those links for a link to the known resolvers page. In most cases the default resolver gateway should work.
  • Many German (and some other European) institutions can be accessed through Just use that address as a resolver (version 1.0).

    Another list of resolvers can be found here These should also be accessible through though.
  • I am wondering if you can add the resolver for Montana state University - Bozeman to the list for people to add. The link is

  • I suspect that the "Search for resolvers" is broken in 2.0.3
    Zotero sends the query "", and gets a non-zero length response, but then reports "0 resolvers found"
    Sending the same URL from a browser, results in the expected response from the registry.
  • Seem to find the works for Coventry University. Took from the setting used by Google Scholar. I don't know if this is a good generic trick.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting a custom resolver?

    When I set the resolver of my local library, am I not bound to get less search results?

    Institution: Universit√§ts- und Landesbibliothek M√ľnster
  • The resolver enables the library lookup
  • Could you please update Appalachian State University's link resolver to , please?
  • Zotero doesn't have its own list of link resolvers; if you're affilitated with that university/library you should change your resolver in the WorldCat registry.
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