[MLZ] Report 1831899119: file sync error

I keep getting a repeated 'file sync error' message, although the Zotero software continues to work. I have restarted Firefox and this happens across multiple computers.

I am using Zotero for Firefox, MLZ, and have an unlimited storage account.
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    To be clear, you're using MLZ, not Zotero for Firefox — those are different things. You'll have to wait for fbennett to come along for help with MLZ. You should also add "[MLZ]" to your subject line when posting (I've done that for you here) and include the full contents of your error report, since fbennett doesn't have access to submitted reports.

    But to the extent that it might be relevant, see https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/file_sync_errors
  • Thanks Dan! Yes, it seems to have started syncing now, but I'll keep your hints in mind for future.
  • Hi, Joyce,

    I was on the road all day - you're okay for now?

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