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As of version 4.0, if Zotero is in bottom panel mode (instead of tab mode) and the user opens a document (e.g. an entry in PubMed or a PDF) in the browser (e.g. pressing enter when a entry is selected in the documents list), the document is opened in the current tab, instead of in a new tab. Is this deliberate behavior? Why doesn't Zotero open the document in a new tab? I couldn't find previous discussion about this topic in the forums.

Thanks in advance.
  • that's standard Firefox behavior. I behave ctrl+click opens an item in a new tab. Not sure how to do that with keyboard, though.
  • I tried control+clicking, but it multiple-selects the document in the list.

    The standard Firefox behavior, at least in Linux (where I use Zotero) and, I believe, in Windows, is to open the link in a new tab if we middle-click the link, or if we right-click it and then left-click the first menu item. Middle-clicking a document in Zotero does nothing, and clicking the first menu item ("View online") opens it in the current tab, not a new one.

    Accidently I was able to open a document in a new tab, and after a while I managed to find out how: open the context menu, and then control+click (or control+enter) the "view online" menu item.

    I guess that's what I'll do from now on, but I'd prefer if the first menu item was "Open in a new tab", like in Firefox.
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    sorry, it's ctrl+double (left) click for opening a link in a new tab.
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