Simple WebDav server for Win XP?

Does anyone know of a very simple, light, and preferably free webdav server for Windows XP? I don't have a webdav server available for zotero storage syncing, so what I want to do is expose a directory in DropBox to zotero via webdav for sync purposes. DropBox can take care of backup for me; I only want webdav for intraPC communication with Zotero.

I don't want to install anything complex or heavy like apache for this purpose.

I could of course just put my whole zotero dir in DropBox, but that would lose the multiple client advantages of syncing.
  • IIS, built in to XP, provides WebDAV capability. Zotero 1.5 SP2.1 won't work with XP's version of IIS, but the latest trunk builds of Zotero should support it.

    In the future you'll likely have the ability to use a local/network location for storage sync as well, which would obviate the need for something like this.
  • Thanks Dan, I didn't know IIS did WebDav. On the face of it, IIS might be a bit heavy for this minimal purpose? But as a temporary solution it's probably worth me trying.
  • If you want to go simple, dont mind online storage and dont need more than 2GB of file storage (for free) then try using something like I have trying been trying a few of these and this one seems to work (with zotero 2.0b6.2) and is very easy to setup: create an account, create the zotero folder using the webinterface or via windows/mac client, then change preferences on zotero file sync.

    For more disk space most providers ask for a fee (often reasonable).
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    Really, I'm having a complete fail trying to get to work.
    I've had working, no problem but I'd nearly filled my 1Gb of room, so this one seems like a great service. So I'm trying to sync for the first time:
    I can verify the server.
    Zotero creates a 'zotero' folder
    So all seems good.
    Then I try to sync and all that happens is a 0 byte lastsync file is created - nothing else.
    The only error I've got is this:

    [JavaScript Error: "Zotero is not defined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/preferences/preferences.js" line: 368}]


    I'm assuming that the url and using https is fine, as Zotero does create a folder.
    Any suggestions, gratefully received!
  • Jon: Delete the lastsync file and try again. If it doesn't work, send along the debug output.
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    Hi Dan, no go I'm afraid - all that happened was that it created another 0 byte lastsync file.
    debug output sent to support.
    Thanks, Jon.
    Oh, forgot to add running Firefox 3.5 on Jaunty using Zotero 2.0b6.r4733.

    Just noticed there's a new build out - will try that and report back.

    Nope, 4738 exactly the same.
  • Jon: Your debug output says "No files to upload", perhaps because you already uploaded all your files elsewhere? Try doing a Reset Storage History under the gear menu. At some point we'll need to make this a bit smarter.
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    Doh! I'd tried restoring to Zotero server - hadn't thought of that button.
    OK - mammoth sync on its way and I'm off to bed feeling foolish.
    thanks Dan.

    Just a quick update - sync was completely successful, so a big thank you to omills for pointing them out, really appreciate it.
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