Synchronization hangs firefox

I have been using sync preview for couple of weeks with webdav storage on a local server. Syncing tends to hang the browser for long periods. This is annoying as running zotero is not the sole use of firefox (there is also the web browsing).

I may no know enough to ask this but is it possible to do the syncing and the grabbing of the items in a separate threads?
  • Is it syncing correctly? If it is, there shouldn't really be any appreciable delay, unless you're adding many items between syncs.

    You can run Zotero with debug output enabled to watch the progress.
  • It syncs fine. You are right, I am adding a lot of items between the syncs. This and the delays from the webdav and zotero servers may explain the hangs.

    One thing that I noticed in the debug output is that when loading for the first time zotero sends separate queries for each collection (I hope I got this right). My library has 17 collections and some of them are nested 3 levels deep. Firefox is mostly frozen while these queries run.

    Finaly I am getting consecutive runs of this message in the debug output:

    zotero(3): Switching lastCreatorFieldMode to 0

    Thanks for the response.
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