Merge items and save as attachment

Hi, I'd like to see, along with duplicate item detection, a way to merge 2 or more records. So, let's say you add a new item, but you later find out that you already have an identical one in your library. Then you could have the option of merging the 2 records without potentially losing any information. If there is information in the same fields for both records, the user could have the option of choosing one over the other, or adding them both together. Just an idea!

Also, I'd like to be able to save an item as an attachment to another item. For example, say I already have a record, but then I find the pdf online. I'd like to be able to select the item, then right-click on the pdf link, and tell Zotero to save the link as an attachment to the currently selected item (as opposed to a new item). That way I don't have to go and drag it down to the appropriate place later.
  • I would also like to have sth like this, and I note that much of the interface needed is already there — in the form of the conflict resolution window that occassionally comes up after syncing.
  • As for your second request, just drag the link to the PDF from your browser right onto the item. The PDF will be added as an attachment. See #1 here.
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