Scannable cite bookmarklet issues

This bookmarklet comes at a great time! I'm just now launching a collaborative effort on Google Docs and convinced the team to go with Zotero for reference management. (I don't think any of them use the client, so I'm trying to make this work from the website.)

I have three issues right now:

1. Not knowing what browsers the other team members use, I thought I'd check out I.E. (10.09200.17089). The bookmarklet installs and the window pops up, but the citation marker is not complete: it shows up as {||||zg:294868:null}.

2. Again with IE, there are no check boxes next to the item list.(This isn't a bookmarklet issue but a general website issue).

3. This issue has to do with pasting a properly formated (from FireFox) citation marker into a Google Doc. When I drag and drop from the Zotero Client, the citation marker "looks" good. That is, the pipes appear to have spaces between them that makes positioning the curser in the correct area for locators and affixes. (Yeah, pretty sure it's not really a space, but I don't know how else to describe except by the visual appearance.)

However, when pasting from the bookmarklet that "space" disappears and the pipes are all scrunched together, making it difficult to to position the cursor.

When I paste into other word processors (or even this text box on the forum) it is fine, it seems to only be problem on Google Docs.

Firefox 32.0.3
Edit: Windows 7
  • Sorry for the delay. (1) and (3) should be addressed here (once the pull request is accepted, it should just work, you don't need to re-add the bookmarklet. Might have to clear the cache - let us know if that's the case).

    I can't replicate (2), but I do see that IE has some other library display issues (informed fcheslack about it).

    The bookmarklet should also work in the mobile interface. You can select multiples by hitting Edit first.

    Thanks for reporting!
  • Great! Thanks!
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