importing Endnote "label"

So far I have used the "label" field of Endnote to assign one specific number for every paper, and then to list in numerical order all my refs (in both, paper copies, and on the computer screen). Unfortunately those labels were not imported into Zotero. I wish this simple idea could be taken by Zotero developers for future versions. In the meantime, any suggestion will be welcomed.
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    Zotero can import RIS fields that it doesn't store in any of its fields into a note. That way, while you won't be able to sort on the "label", you can at least have that metadata available and possibly move it to a field that works for you (I don't see where we would put it though). See
  • Thanks aurimas! I see... However, moving those numbers now in notes to another field, and what field?!, and doing so manually, is a bit cumbersome. Perhaps this could change in a future version of Zotero. Thanks anyway!
  • That was my point. There's no place for Zotero to put that metadata. I'm not even sure what it's supposed to represent generally (not in your specific case)
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