Citation Error: Information Systems Research

Dear all,

I just got final proofs for an article in "Information Systems Research" and the Zotero-based citation style was not 100% correct. The following changes need to be done:

In a conference proceedings the editors and the name and location of the publisher (in parens) was requested. A correct example below:

Ludford PJ, Cosley D, Frankowski D, Terveen L (2004) Think different: increasing online community participation using uniqueness and group dissimilarity. Dykstra-Erickson E, Tscheligi M, eds. Proc. SIGCHI Conf. Human Factors Comput. Systems (ACM, New York), 631–638.

In a book chapter, the publisher and publisher place needs to be included. A correct example is:

Kiesler S, Walsh J, Sproull L (1992) Computer networks in field research. Bryan et al. eds. Methodological Issues in Applied psychology (Plenum, New York), 239–268.

Usually, I would try to tweak the style myself and propose a commit, but I am swamped with stuff and won't be getting to anything soon, so I am posting this so that others can pick it up, if I don't get to it any time soon.
  • Another smallisch change is that currently we abbreviate the editor label as "(eds.), " for chapters and conference papers when it should be "eds. " (see first above examples).

    I guess this could be achieved with the below change?

    diff --git a/information-systems-research.csl b/information-systems-research.csl
    index effac2b..12a7206 100644
    --- a/information-systems-research.csl
    +++ b/information-systems-research.csl
    @@ -23,9 +23,9 @@
    <macro name="container-contributors">
    <if type="chapter paper-conference" match="any">
    - <names variable="editor translator" delimiter=", " suffix=", ">
    + <names variable="editor translator" delimiter=", ">
    <name and="text" initialize-with=". " delimiter=", "/>
    - <label form="short" prefix=" (" suffix=".)" strip-periods="true"/>
    + <label form="short" strip-periods="true"/>

    I will create a pull request for this tiny second change. The original issues are still unsolved. Any help would be appreciated.
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