citeUlike not fully compatible?

When I import items from citUlike, zotero only captures the book/article titles, author names, and ISBN. No other info are imported. Not enough info for building a bibliography. I don't want to go back to amazon or my university library to get them item by item!
  • I believe you can export a RIS file from CiteULike and import it into Zotero. It is under the "Export to Endnote/BibTeX" page. I think you should find it here.

    Hope that helps,
  • Thanks for your suggestion. I went to CiteUlike and chose to export to Endnote (which I don't have in my computer actually), and it is automatically captured by Zotero (which is excellent). But still, there are some errors -- 1. some author names are not captured; 2. some publishers info are messed up. I have not yet go into checking the fine detail, but my first impression is that there are quite some hurdles here.
  • If you find examples where the file output by CiteULike is correct and Zotero isn't importing the data correctly, let us know. If the errors are in the CiteULike output files, you'd have to get in touch with them.
  • Dan: you're right. After checking a few items I find that it is a CiteUlike problem.
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