Quickly repeating citations for footnotes

I find in my project that I often cite the same source several times in a row (naturally enough, when dealing with a single topic). In using Word 2004 for Mac, is there some way when using "insert citation" to quickly jump back to the same source that was cited in the last footnote? This would save a lot of time when working with a large Zotero database. Thanks.
  • The citation manager opens up to the last subcollection used. If you put that item, or a few of the references you are citing into a subcollection, you won't have to wade through your whole database each time you insert a citation.
  • I don't think that's practical for me. I am tending to cite a single item several times, then another several times etc. Not worth making subcollections out of each. What I'd love is for the citation manager to open to the last item cited as a default (or perhaps offer as a user-definable preference).
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