Attached pdfs and a note disappeared


I'm using Standalone (win 7 pro). Had the previous to the latest version of Zotero. A couple of days ago I attached 8 pdfs to a reference. During the same session I also started to write a new note in its own separate window.

While working on the reference I put my PC to standby several times. Finally, I closed the pdfs, the note and the computer.

Now that I reopened Zotero none of these changes are visible in the reference.

Could you please tell if there is anything to be done on this issue.

  • I found the pdfs laying in folders in Zotero Storage. When openede from there everything is ok. However, the note I cannot find anywhere. Is it possibly disappeared for good?

  • That would be very surprising — Zotero has various safety checks to make sure you can't continue to use it unless changes are being saved.

    Do you have both Zotero Standalone and Zotero for Firefox installed on your system, with different data directories set? If so, you'd want to make sure you were looking in the right one (and you'd want to fix that).

    Do you have your Zotero data directory in the default location, or have you moved it somewhere else (e.g., Dropbox)?
  • Thanks, Dan!

    Unfortunately no hits here. I do use both Standalone and Firefox version, but they both refer to the same directory - which is in Younited-cloud/on my hard drive. In this way I have used Zotero without problems for roughly a year now, and much longer from my hard drive only. Strange - and very annoying - incident, indeed.

    What really puzzles me is that pdfs are in their folder in Zotero Storage but nowhere to be found in my Zotero UI.

    Any more ideas that could be of help?
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    Oh, you have your entire Zotero data directory in cloud storage? You absolutely can't do that — you'll corrupt your database or otherwise lose changes as you did here, and we can't provide any support as long as that's the case.

    You'll need to move your data directory out of there. There are ways to sync just the 'storage' subdirectory if you're interested in that, but the directory root (specifically zotero.sqlite) can't be there.
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