Title in the "New Standalone Note"

May it be possible, that when adding a "New Standalone Note" then it is possible to change the title in the middle box, which is not tied with the text, which added in the right box?
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    Right now, the only way you can change the title, is to change the first line in the note in the right column.

    Or is that what you are trying to avoid? If so, may I ask why that is a problem?
  • Thank you for the quick reply. The problem is probably being stuck in the old paradigms... :) it may disturb a bit, when the title and text are in different languages.

    But yet another question - may it be also possible to use UNDO feature - e.g "ctr + z" in the note writing box?
  • Hmmm. Why would the title be in a different language than the text? The title is simply the first line of the text of note. Which, you can change to any language you want.

    Yes, notes do have UNDO and also work with ctrl-z.
  • Strange, the UNDO functions doesn't seem to work - the "button" itself in the context menu is grayed out... (firefox 3.01)
  • Is it still grayed out after you delete something?
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    Yes. And it somehow seemed to work only in "Edit in a separate window", but now I cannot repeat it again, unfortunately.
  • What system are you on? This is not a FF 3.0.1 issue as undo is working just fine for me.
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    WinXP SP3 - undo works without problems in Firefox main window (for example here, in commenting).

    Another issue - is it a bug or more like a "feature", that when dragging a note from one collection into another:

    (a) instead of moving it copies it;
    (b) when deleting the same copied note from the source folder (OR the new note from the place, where it was copied to) - both of the notes are deleted.
  • On the note issue:

    All your items will always be in the "My Library" folder. If you delete anything from that folder it is gone. You should get a confirmation before you delete something from the "My Library" folder.

    Now, when you move a note form one collection to another it is slightly different than copying the note. If it simply copied the note you would be able to edit and change the note in one place and leave it unchanged in the first place. This is not what happens. It is better to think of all the note note icons as pointing to the same note.

    With that said it is crucial to understand the difference between removing a item and deleting the item. With items in collections you can do both. If you remove the item it is only removed from the individual collection. If you delete it it is deleted from your entire library.
  • OK, but it seems quite non-logical way of building the structure around information - may I ask, what is the benefit or advantage of having this "My Library" folder?
  • The "my library folder" is just the entirety of your database. Any other folders are simply subsets of that database.

    Conceptually, Zotero works like iTunes or GMail, where you have database entries, and folders or playlists are just pointers to those entries.
  • Understandable.

    But is there a hope, that someday the 'tag' system will work also across the different categories and subcollections, so when you want to add the same tag for a note in a different (sub)category, you don't have to write it down again (and instead use already existing tags)?

    And one more feature request - may it be possible to implement and somehow make optional the "non-anglo-american" date system. I.e. not only MM/DD/YYYY but also DD/MM/YYYY (like in the most European/Asian countries)?
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