Editing multiple items at once?

Is there a way to edit fields for more than one item at once? I know how to select more than one item at a time - but don't see a way to change type information at that point.

I have many citations stored in zotero as websites through snapshot feature, which is great. A lot of them are blog posts or reports, though, not web sites. Right now I have to go and change the item types one by one or add authors individually. Is there any way to select a several citations and change that information for all of them?
  • Not at this point, no. The feature is planned in general.
  • For now, one could do that using the Javscript API as mentioned here: https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/client_coding/javascript_api

    Just install the ExecuteJS plugin in Firefox and then open a new tab and open Zotero there. Now, use ExecuteJS to execute your custom JS which modifies all the required items at once.
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