doesnt support Chinese character

in google scholar, when i click "export to endnote", zotero will import it automatically, but if the literature is in Chinese, zotero cant recognize Chinese character, what imported will be something like this: $&^%%(&*$&^&%%(*&)(&)(&*(*)&. what's wrong???

if somebody wants to try, go to Chinese google scholar:, and search:经济

hope somebody can help me

thanks very much
  • I just tried the search you recommended and I was able to successfully import the first page of search results without getting any strange characters. Can you try checking for updated translators and resetting your translators and styles.
  • how did you import it? did you click the folder icon in the address bar? i can import without problem in this way too, but it is not convenient (you have to choose what you want from a list ), because sometimes i just want to import only one item. goole preference has a choice to show "import to Endnote" or other format below the title of every item, so you can choose which one to import conveniently, unfortunately it doesn't work in China Google Scholar as i said.

    ps. this is a very important function. Because if you couldnt find the paper from a website which supports the Z, you can find it in goole scholar possibly. even if google doesnt have abstrats, but Author, Volume, Date, Pages are all can be imported, i really dont wanna type numbers one by one.

    thx for your concern!!
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    OK, this is now fixed on the branch (and will be in 1.0.8), and it should apply to all non-UTF-8 RIS/Refer files imported from links rather than the address bar icon. Thanks for letting us know about the bug.
  • thx, looking forward to 1.0.8. Z has no translators for Chinese websites now, but goole scholar is a good alternative.
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