Translator for National Technical Reports Library V3.0

  • To answer my own question in part, Scitech Connect has many of the same reports and is recognized by Zotero.

    The automatic pdf download doesn't work, though.
  • I´ll take a look a OSTI full text.
    NTRL would be possible but a pretty solid amount of work to implement since we have to scrape the data from the page (rather than being able to download systematic metadata), so unless someone is interested in writing that I´d say that´s pretty unlikely.
  • I think OSTI issue has something to do with cookies (it works in Firefox, not in Chrome)
  • OSTI fulltext never worked for me, I've used many Firefox versions. Haven't tried Chrome.

    I will send a note to NTRL and suggest to embed metadata into their webpage.
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    @adamsmith, can you confirm that this doesn't work in Firefox?

    @danb, are you using Firefox with Zotero Standalone? If so, try closing Standalone first. If no, then this may be related to #10 here. Otherwise, please submit a debug log covering an attempt to save an OSTI article
  • works for me. Just in case there may be different types of articles, this is what I´m looking at:
  • @adamsmith
    It is working for me now, too. I will try a more links. Very strange, just yesterday it didn't work.

    I am using Firefox with the Zotero add-on. I don't have any of the software in the list of known issues. I've seen this issue again and again on many different systems. I don't know what is different now.
  • Ok, problem is here again:

    It works when the url is entered directly, but not when reached via a search

    "Advanced Methods for Incorporating Solar Energy Technologies into Electric Sector Capacity-Expansion Models: Literature Review and Analysis" on

    The direct url works
  • It works for me, but... the website relies heavily on session data, so if you open multiple articles from search results (i.e. open in new tab), only the last one will work. I'll take a look if we can improve on this at all. Might not be possible.
  • You can also see this by opening multiple results from a search page and then attempting to open PDFs for those pages. Only one of them will work. Others will first redirect you back to the same page, which will also include a green banner with some disclaimer.
  • Thanks for working on this, aurimas. What I do now is open all result pages as tabs (otherwise the search times out after a too short time), then reload each static report page. That works well enough for me.

    I've sent a note to NTRL and suggested that they add bibliographic metadata, let's see what they do.
  • OSTI keeps track of your last-visited page on their servers and only allows you to download PDFs if you visit the corresponding page right beforehand. Due to the way Zotero works (it downloads PDFs at a much later time than fetching metadata from a given page) there is nothing we can do to fix this. This is probably a very intentional mechanism implemented to deter specifically web scrappers like Zotero.
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