No more access to files?

I updated my zotero standalone for mac to 4.0.22 and I cannot access files any more. The software used to have something like "view the file" or "open in the folder" and it does not have it any more. Should I now go through all folders where the programme is manually in search of the file? It is tiring. Also, it would be really great not to have these folders with numbers and files in them, but something more intelligible instead.

UPD: I just discovered that I can find out the folder where the file is by clicking on the top of the file in the preview programme. However, this does not leave out my initial irritation.
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    The "Show File" option is where it's always been--third from the top in the right-click context menu, fourth from the top for PDFs.
  • I don't have it.
    - When I right-click on the bibliographical entry, the third option is "add attachment".
    - When I right-click on the file, the third option is "export item".
    - There is no option "show file" in both cases.
  • Any add-ons installed? Try disabling those. Otherwise, provide a debug ID that covers selecting an item with attachment and right-clicking to get the menu.
  • What are the first and second options for each?
  • adamsmith, no addons. my debug ID is D502450027.

    Dan, this is the full menu:

    add note
    add attachment >
    duplicate item
    move item to trash
    export item
    create bibliography from item
    generate report from item
  • And you're absolutely positive that's an item that has an attachment? Because that's exactly what you'd get for an item without attachments (and URLs).
  • adamsmith, yes, I am absolutely positive about it! i've checked: it has a pdf file, I can open it. Moreover, the entry I tested has a google books link.
  • i've checked: it has a pdf file, I can open it. Moreover, the entry I tested has a google books link.
    Can you take a screenshot of this? Post it somewhere online (e.g. imgur or Dropbox) and link to it here.
  • aurimas, sure:
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    And if you right-click the attachment itself?
  • Voilà :
  • yeah, that's as if the top of the context menu had been chopped off. @Dan - anything in the debug?
  • [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: types[i] is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/mime.js" line: 399}]
    You never followed up in your previous thread. It's the same error.
  • At some point I stopped receiving notifications about new answers to the previous topic as well as to this one, thus, it is only now that I see the last comment here and the last comment there.

    I deleted mimeTypes.rdf and restarted Zotero standalone. Now I see the normal menu when I click on entries saved from the web-pages. In all other cases the menu remains the same as in my error report. You can see screnshots here:

    The same thing happens in Zotero for Firefox.
  • Dear Dan and adamsmith,

    what should I do?
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    At some point I stopped receiving notifications about new answers to the previous topic
    (You only ever get notifications for the first response to a subscribed thread/category since you last visited the forums. Be sure to click through on the notification if you want to see further responses.)
    The same thing happens in Zotero for Firefox.
    Could you install the latest 4.0 Beta for Firefox and generate another Debug ID for this (with Standalone closed)? That might give us a bit more info on what's happening (which shouldn't really be possible).

    Also, it definitely shouldn't matter, but what happens if you check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences?
  • Dan, hi,

    Sorry for a long pause.

    Thanks a lot for the explanation regarding notifications.

    I have installed 4.0 Beta and generated Debug ID. It is D1120754548. The standalone was closed.

    I have also checked the database integrity and the system says there is no error.
  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. As far as I can tell, this is caused by some plugin you have installed registering itself for .m4p files with a Cyrillic content type name. (At least, that's what I'm guessing. It's coming into the debug output as mangled characters.) If you type about:plugins in the Firefox address bar and search for "m4p", you may be able to figure out which plugin is doing this. I'm not sure whether that's technically invalid — I suspect so — but in any case it was breaking things in Zotero.

    I'm hoping I've fixed this in the latest beta, so you should try updating to that and let me know if this still happens.
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    Dan, hi,

    Thanks a lot for your answer!

    The only thing that has .m4p in its description on about:plugins is QuickTime Plug-in 7.7.3.

    As for the problem, I still have it in zotero standalone, but in zotero for firefox I see the menu as it should be. Thus, you are right, beta is free from this error!

    Thank you very much for your assistance!
  • Right, the beta is for Firefox only. But if this is fixed in that, then this will be fixed for both in 4.0.24, which should be out soon.
  • Great, Dan! Thank you very much for all your assistance!
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