pdf metadata

I am getting questions from faculty about pulling pdfs already on their computers into Zotero. Following the documentation, I dragged an article into the middle frame. Now the documentation says to right click on it to reach the Search Google Scholar option. That does not appear on my menu, but it is an option in the Info/Notes frame. But when I followed Google Scholar to that article, it downloaded the citation but did not, as the documentation says it will, connect the pdf and the citation. I could of course drag and drop the pdf to the citation, but I don't get the smooth operation described in the documentation. Any idea why?
  • Additional issue: Zotero appears to be searching Google Scholar for the often abbreviated title I gave to a saved pdf, rather than the pdf's metadata.
  • OK, found my own answer to the pdg metadata (turned on the indexing function) but still have my first question.
  • After you drag a PDF to Zotero, are you sure you don't have a "Retrieve Metadata for PDF" option when you right-click it? That's what the documentation refers to--this does, in fact, search google scholar (among other things) but that's not what it's called.
  • It would also help us to know exactly what documentation you are following.
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