Overrule the language of citation style

It is possible to change the language for the citations/bibliography independent of the language which is used in the zotero client. However, this seems only to work for citation styles which have not a specific language (default-locale) defined in the root element, which all styles corresponding to a specific journal have. Is it possible to always use the configurated settings from the about:config and therefore to overrule the style-specific settings? I would like to use a style for an English journal in German, without losing possible updates for the original English style. Is that possible?
  • no. The whole point of default-locale was to prevent people from getting this wrong: we used to get a ton of complaints about citations appearing in the wrong language. Now that there are only a handful of styles left that don't have a default locale, that's become quite rare. Sure, that is at the cost of customizability to some extent, but I'd say well worth it.
  • Okay, I see. And can a dependent style overrule with its own default-locale the default-locale from the base style?
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    Yes. That's covered here: http://citationstyles.org/downloads/specification.html#the-root-element-cs-style
    "the default-locale attribute [in dependent styles] may be set to specify an overriding style locale."

    edit: I vaguely remember some problems with that in practice, so let us know if it doesn't work correctly, but you should make any changes to official styles assuming that it does.
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