PNAS and Nature publishing group translators need updating

There are two issues with recently changed journal web sites sites that break the translators:

1. The PNAS site (
2. EMBO journal ( and EMBO reports ( have been moved to the Nature publishing group site
  • This is an update.

    It seems that the PNAS site is the first to use a new version of the HighWire publishing platform, so it is likely that soon the HighWire translator will stop working with other sites.

    This is from the PNAS site:
    "HighWire Press is the technology provider for PNAS as well as over 140 other scholarly publishers. The new interface is the visible expression of a bottom-up rebuild of HighWire’s electronic publishing platform, H20 for “HighWire 2.0”, which was developed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving internet environment. The platform infrastructure is highly permeable, meaning that it will interact with many other systems. It is flexible and modular so that it can easily be built upon using Web 2.0 applications, feeds, widgets, and web services.

    PNAS is the first of the HighWire-hosted sites to migrate to the new H20 platform. All other HighWire-hosted sites will be migrated over time. "
  • Hi,
    If I want the citations in my document to be in PNAS format, what is the style for that; I do not see any "PNAS" style"
  • there's a PNAS style on the repository
    it's called "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)"
    For anything beyond that please start a new thread - this one is about importing from the PNAS site, not about the citation format.
    FWIW Zotero has supported the Highwire 2.0 format mentioned above for years, probably shortly after this was posted.
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