Footnotes Won't Refresh

For some reason, my footnoting in Word (for Mac 2011; using Firefox) got messed-up and everything was italicized. I corrected the defined footnote style in Word. Now, newly added citations are correctly formatted, as are those that I edit individually. However, when I use Zotero refresh, nothing changes. Also, the icon I used to see at the bottom of the page (a pen writing on paper) indicating that Word/Zotero was processing the refresh has disappeared.

Help, please, as I don't won't to individually update over 500 citations.
  • I'd say try switching to a different footnote style then back, but depending on how you did your manual edits, that may overwrite your changes. Try it on a copy of your document.

    Otherwise, can you still edit the citations using Zotero's Edit Citation button?
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