Advanced search : match "any" seems to be broken

Open the Advanced Search dialog with :

Match *any*
Creator contains Smith [or any author name in your library]
Creator contains Doe [or any author name in your library]

all your library items !

Zotero 4.0.22 (Standalone and Firefox)

Strangely, I've no issue with 4.0.22-beta.r6+f33d249 but I can reproduce the same issue with 4.0.22 source (git installation).

Thanks !
  • I can confirm (from MLZ, built with latest 4.0.22 Zotero source).

    Same effect with a single field ("all" returns matching items, "any" returns everything), and with ordinary fields as well as creators (tested with Title).
  • Hi

    Using 4.0.23 Zot Standalone - there still seems to be a similar problem here.

    Using 'match any' to search creator contains Smith or creator contains Jones.
    Result - saved search returns 48 items (correctly I think). The live view in the search window returns a much larger, definitely incorrect set, but not the whole library.

    The search pane is also intermittently unresponsive.

    Many thanks
  • Fixed, seemingly.
  • Actually the issue is still present but only in the Advanced Search pane, i.e. if you save your search you get the expected results. That could explain why it has not been widely reported.
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