keyboard-friendly repetitive tag definition (like stand-alone note)

Sometimes I want to add several tags in a row. For this task (with regular items like a book) you have to click the add button for each tag. This makes for an awkward interaction: grab the mouse, type, grab the mouse, type ...

Is there a keyboard shortcut?

The UI for standalone notes, by contrast, is very keyboard-friendly for adding multiple tags. Click once on Add, define tag, hit tab or enter, define the next, etc., escape when done. Fast and the interaction is standard/intuititve.

I'd prefer the standalone note interaction on regular items too.

It occurs to me that it might be tricky given the way tags are sorted immediately upon being added (on regular items). I'd happily give that up for not having to grab the mouse.

Sorry if this is a dupe - my searches didn't turn up anything.
  • I'd second that request. In my opinion, the tags for individual entries should behave either like the author-field that allows you to enter multiple authors by hitting shift-enter; or it should work the way alexuw suggested. Entering tags for items really is a pain at the moment, no matter if you're a mousehater like me or not.

    Thanks for fixing this.
  • This is a bug. If you close the tag selector first, you can just hit Enter as expected.
  • Ah, good to know. I didn't even realize that the tag selector that I'm rarely using can be toggled. Works just fine now.
    Thanks for the hint.
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