Identify most cited author(s)

Is there an easy way to sort my Zotero library according to the authors who are most prevalent? In other words, I want to quickly identify which author has the most references (citations) within my library without any a priori knowledge of who that individual is. I would prefer a sorted list of authors, but the most common author would be a start.

  • I would have the same request!

    And I would add 'Identify my most cited papers'. Are there papers that appear in several references of the papers I have read? Are papers cited by other of my papers?
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    There are 3 goals I have:
    On the one hand, I would like to evaluate the literature I have read, according to whether it is frequently cited by other papers.
    I want to read papers that are often cited as references from my previous read papers.
    I want to know authors who have co-written many of the papers I've read in order to read their other papers.

    I have all the papers in PDF format and can also remove attachments.
  • There's nothing built into Zotero.

    There's a plugin to look up google scholar citation counts listed here:

    And a different one using CrossRef data (which is less complete but provides a more robust query interface) here:

    To analyze things like author counts, currently the only way is to export to .csv and use the statistical tool of your choice.
  • Thank you, that could help me at least partially :)
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