Collections not maintained when using Zotero RDF ex/import

Using 1.0.0b3.r1 on WinXP

1. Exported my library using Zotero RDF export.
2. Deleted the entries from zotero.
3. imported a different library (RIS text)
4. Deleted those entries.
5. Imported the original library.

My collections do not show up on the collection pane, but are merely items (with nothing in them) in the middle pane.

  • I get the exact same problems... using latest version of zotero 1.0.0b3.r1 .
    makes me sad because I had allot of cool things in my collections.

    Is there a solution?
  • edited February 28, 2007
    How are you exporting your library? By selecting individual items or by using Export Library from the gear menu (or right-clicking My Library)?

    Collections are not included when exporting individual items.
  • I exported my entire library -- I selected everything under My Library and then Gear >> Export Library.
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