[Solved] Report id: 855554934

Since the last update, my zotero has slowed down terribly and now it is not able to sync anymore. Every time it tries to sync, it freezes. Any suggestion?
  • Are you force-quitting it when it freezes? If so, don't — just let it finish.

    But I see only normal small syncs for your account. Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that freezes? (Again, don't force-quit it — if you do there won't be any debug output.)
  • Thanks Dan,
    I don't force-quit it. the sync just gets an error at some point. this is the debug id, 2000844024
  • I should add that since the update any operation such as the editing of an entry, is extremely slow. Any further suggestion?
  • edited September 15, 2014
    That's a Report ID. I need a Debug ID, which is different, for a sync attempt that freezes.

    But first, if you have a lot of tags, try closing the tag selector in the bottom left. Some users with many tags have reported that recent versions of Zotero are very slow for them when that's open — we're still investigating that.
  • Oh, actually:
    Automatic Zotero to BibTeX exporter
    Disable this extension, which you installed. It's almost certainly your problem.
  • Thanks Dan, I will disable it straightway. In the meantime, this is my debug id, D124447753.
  • Yeah Dan! You were right, now everything works fine. Many thanks.
  • FWIW https://github.com/ZotPlus/zotero-better-bibtex , which seems very stable at this point, has a more elegant solution for auto-updating bibtex files that you could look into.
  • Yeah, and you should actually uninstall that other one, not just disable it (so that it doesn't accidentally become enabled again in the future).
  • Thank you both!
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