Style Request: Slight changes on the "Revue française de sociologie (French)" style


I would like to use a pre-exesting style found in the zotero style repository. It is "Revue française de sociologie (French)=

Yet I would like two slight changes.

First, the bibliography with this style does not provide any information regarding the conference papers, except the name of the authors and the title of the paper. I would like to add such information, bu cannot manage to do so properly on the csl file.

Second, for books, the bibliography provides information that I don't need, i.e. : volume, collection, number of pages. I would like to get rid of these and only keep author date title edition publisher-place publisher

Any clue on these two procedures so that I can change my style properly?

Thanks in advance!
  • the thing is: if your old style validated--which you said it did, the things you need to change would cause the same type of issue with this style. If you manually change a style but don't change its ID, Zotero will overwrite changes periodically. So I'd really suggest you try to fix that instead, which really shouldn't be hard.

    Otherwise, at least from my side, you'll need to do most of the work--I'll answer specific questions if you run into trouble, but I can't go through styles and provide exact edit instructions--that takes too much time.
    Maybe someone else, though.
  • edited September 11, 2014
    Thanks for your answer.
    I will ask questions step by step.
    1. Do I need to change the link href as well as the id ?
  • 2. I tried to add the event macro as follows :

    <macro name="event">
    <group delimiter=", ">
    <text term="presented at" text-case="capitalize-first" suffix=".&#160:"/>
    <text variable="event"/>
    <macro name="number-of-pages">

    The csl validator tells me there is a problem with it
    A solution?
  • 1. You should change the link as well, yes (though I believe mainly the id matters). The link doesn't need to point to anything that actually exists, though -- in fact, it shouldn't. If you just add -modified to the id, the filename, and the link you should be fine (though in the filename, of course, before the extensions as in in e ...-modified.csl

    2. Your macro needs to end in </macro> i.e. you're missing the / in the second to last line.
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