Hiding prompt when importing reference

When I import a reference, Zotero Standalone asks me whether I am sure I want to import. Is there a way to hide this prompt permanently?

Thanks :-)
  • How are you trying to import?
  • I'm exporting a citation from Google Scholar.
  • edited September 5, 2014
    There's no need to export a citation manually from Google Scholar (or almost any site) when using Zotero. Be sure you've installed the Chrome connector, and then use the address bar icon to save from any supported site with a single click. You'll often get better data and will avoid that prompt.
  • Thanks Dan. I did have the Chrome connector installed, but only used it for batch import so far and had gotten accustomed to clicking "import into endnote".

    I'll use the Chrome connector from now one. Cheers.
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