LOC tags vs. user-defined tags

At some point Zotero started automatically defining tags from LOC (Library of Congress) subjects. In other words, when I define a new item from my library catalog, it is tagged with the LOC subjects.

Short question: how to distinguish between these tags and my own? (searching, browsing, reporting)

Longer question: this is an interesting feature. With zero additional effort you get some classification. However, the LOC subjects (at least in my discipline) are often painfully inconsistent and otherwise skewed. They're useful, I want to preserve them, but at times I'd like to ignore them and only look at my own tags. Perhaps a naming convention is the way to go?

A related issue: this feature seems to have been added at some point, so older entries don't have the LOC tags. Short of deleting and re-creating the items, is there any way to update them with the LOC tags? I doubt it.
  • This has been a feature for quite a while, but it's a preference you can turn on or off in the Zotero prefs.

    There's currently no way to distinguish between automatic tags and user tags in searches, but there's an option in the tag selector at the bottom left not to display them. There will likely be additional features for handling different types of tags in the future.

    There's no way to add automatic tags to an item after it's been saved.
  • Thanks, I never noticed the automatic tag toggle dropdown (it's covered up when the window is narrow). That's good enough for my current needs.

    Incidentally, you should have just told me to RTFM, it's explained there. :-)

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