Springer Basic author-date: Include url for reports/computer programs

Hi all,

I've recently been using the Climatic Change style, which seems to be a child style from Springer basic author-date.

I've noticed that when I cite a computer program or report, no url is included in the reference list. This is quite useful information to include where available, especially for reports by government agencies etc (which can be hard to find otherwise).

I've had a look at Springer's key style points document, which I understand the Springer styles are based on. It's difficult to be 100% clear on how they'd like references to computer programs and reports to be formatted since they don't use these terms, but they do give examples for "online document" and "university site", both of which do use a url and access date. These seem to be the most similar document types for which examples are available.

Could the style be updated slightly to include url's and access dates for reports and computer programs for Springer basic author-date? I've had a go at doing this myself, but it's been a while since I edited csl and I can't seem to make it work.
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