Citation Disambiguation Add Authors Issue

I have a question about the way Zotero currently handles disambiguation by adding authors.

Currently, if you have two papers...for example:

Smith, Doe, & Miller, 2008
Smith, Baker, & Thomas, 2008

Zotero will disambiguate them as (Smith, Doe, et al., 2008) and (Smith, Baker, et al., 2008). This behavior makes sense with 4+ authors, but I'm wondering whether it's correct for Zotero to replace a single author name with "et al." like it's currently doing. With only 3 authors, should it display all three names instead?
  • This is going to depend on what is specified in the CSL for the specific style-- styles differ. Which style are you using?
  • Can you find anything on that in any style guide?
  • @ajlyon well, but once you set the disambiguation by adding authors to true, that's the behavior you'll get. You can't turn it off for cases where only one author is left.
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