Turabian/Chicago and Kindle Source

How is it possible to format a footnote or bibliography to include Kindle Edition? Right now I am using suffix field but am looking for something in the CSL that is more automated.

See screenshot from Turabian 8th edition (https://db.tt/ADRDSu4c)
  • Bump.

    Adam. I am still wondering a better way to cite KIndle.
  • Also looking for a solution to this. My college uses Turabian and wants us to cite using "Kindle Electronic Version: Location: xxxx" after the publisher details in the footnotes, and include Kindle Electronic Edition in the bibliography.

    Now I can manually add those, except Zotero likes to remove them if it updates the footnotes!! An easier permanent automatic solution would be very much appreciated!!
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    Enter “Electronic Version...” in the “Suffix” field for the citation.

    You can add this to the Extra field to add the format details for styles that support it (Chicago and Turabian do):
    medium: Kindle Electronic Edition
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