Can not create link with Cmd-Option-drag in Mac

Trying to use this feature for first time, but dragging a reference while pressing command and option keys pastes the default output style, not the link.

I tried again disabling Better Bib(La)Tex and ZotFile extensions and restarting, but the issue remains.

Shift-drag works normally pasting the short reference.

I'm using v4.0.21.5 Standalone on OSX 10.9.4.
  • You're misunderstanding that option. Holding cmd+option while dragging a file _to_ Zotero will link to it rather than store it in Zotero. It doesn't change the behavior of dragging references from Zotero into a text document.

    Which link are you trying to get? You can get a link to the item in Zotero with a different output translator
    Though you will need to toggle that manually in the Export tab.
  • Thanks! The "Zotero Select" translator did the job!
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