Error Pica Translator (SWB)

Normally, the Pica translator works fine for the union library catalogue SWB, but I have problems with exactly this item:

There is an error, if I try to save it (Error Report ID 154841005). I guess that the error occurs very early in the translator (maybe some problems with COinS?).
  • Can anyone reproduce the error on the particular page?

    But I'm a little puzzled why this causes the translator to fail. The PICA translator has code in place to prevent exactly this scenario
    and I don't know why it doesn't kick in
  • I didn't trigger the error (was testing it post-patch and was too lazy to revert changes), but my guess is that the error was getting thrown from the parseContextObject call from outside the try-catch. The first round inside the try-catch was placing an institutional author with no first name into creators and the second pass was tripping on it. I removed the second call, since it's unnecessary.
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