proxy problems and zotero icons

I am not able to save articles in Zotero from Factiva. I am working from on-campus. The Zotero article icon is in the address bar, but when I click on it I get a "Could Not Save Item" error message.

On a hunch, I disabled proxy redirection and the problem persisted.

A possibly related symptom is that when trying to search in Lexis-Nexis Academic with proxy redirection enabled I cannot access the main search screen. This problem goes away with proxy redirection disabled.
  • Is this happening when looking at a single item, or when selecting from a list of multiples?

    In general, see We need you to provide more info (e.g. which article are you trying to save? from what page? Provide a search query you used and how to navigate to the article).

    I can reproduce the issue, but only if I save from a list of multiple articles. It looks like Factiva has changed their site in a way that will make this much more difficult for Zotero (possibly on purpose), so a fix will not happen very soon. You should still be able to save articles by clicking on their titles first.
  • Aurimas, thanks.

    I am now logged in from home. The search on Factiva is for "levey AND end of the roads" in the Washington Post. The result is one article:

    END OF THE ROADS; In the Interstate Era, Congress ruled Washington like a fiefdom. Then a fight over some freeways inspired a biracial, neighborhood-level movement to fight the federal power
    Bob Levey and Jane Freundel Levey
    6916 words
    26 November 2000
    The Washington Post

    When viewing the article, the Zotero article icon appears in the search bar, but I get a "Could not save item" error message. Same thing happens when I try to save from a list of multiples when the Zotero folder icon is in the search bar.

    Thank you.
  • Update - Factiva translator issues continue.

    This article from Factiva is showing a Zotero article icon in the address bar but gives a translator error when clicked:

    Regional News
    Nevada Drops P3 Plans on $740M Highway Project
    By Keeley Webster
    677 words
    25 August 2014
    The Bond Buyer
    Vol.1, No.1

    This attempt was made while off campus.

    Thank you.
  • I am concerned at the lack of further response on this problem with Factiva and hope that the problem has some hope of resolution, either through my actions or those of someone else in the Zotero community.

    As a paid subscriber to a couple of Dow Jones publications (Wall St. Journal and Barron's) I would be happy to provide some customer input to Dow Jones if I knew what to suggest.

    I hate to see that major database supplier not being compatible with Zotero, both for selfish reasons related to my own research and the students I work with, whom I encourage to use Zotero.

    Thank you.
  • OK, I think this should be working now. Update your translators via Preference -> General -> Update Now. Restart Chrome/Opera/Safari, if that's what you're using and try again.

    Let us know if something isn't working or if some of the metadata is not good. I haven't tested the revision very thoroughly.

    On the bright side, we now attach the whole article as a note. (Sorry @zuphilip if I resisted this before)
  • That works! Thank you.

    Is it a related issue to get to work the same way? In that site articles can be saved to Zotero as web pages, but meta info (e.g., author, date and publication) are not captured.

    Thank you for solving the Factiva problem.
  • any WSJ issues are entirely separate (Factiva and WSJ have nothing to do with each other except their parent company, which doesn't influence website design). Post to a different thread with anything WSJ related, though in general Zotero works for me on e.g.
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