Error syncing points to saved search. What is going wrong with Zotero?


I sent the report ID 1179235087.

I am trying to sync my group library and Zotero is point that the error is about a saved search:

Value 'institutionalism|institucionalismo|teoria.? (institucional\b|institucionais…' too long in saved search '1_T__Perspective_Institutional @'

The issue is that I am not syncing that saved searches.

What is going wrong with Zotero?

Thanks for any tip,

  • you can't exclude saved searches from syncing, so if you have that saved search you're syncing it. Or are you saying it doesn't exist?
  • But in any case, you'll need to shorten the value of that saved search condition in order to sync. (How long is it, actually? I don't remember off-hand what the server-side limit is for those.)
  • Thanks for information.
    The search do exist. I didn't know Zotero syncs them as well. The criteria is:

    institutionalism|institucionalismo|teoria.? (institucional\b|institucionais\b)|institutional (theory|theories)|perspectiva.? (institucional\b|institucionais\b)|institutional perspective|abordagem.? (institucional\b|institucionais\b)|institutional approach|paradigma.? (institucional\b|institucionais\b)|institutional paradigm

    After deleting this specific search the error isn't attached to it anymore but there is another error now related to another saved search.
    The problem is the criteria of many of them (search PDF content using regex) makes Zotero to crash. If I click on the search it freezes Zotero and after some time Zotero crashes.
    So, it is impossible to delete these searches from Zotero's interface.
    It seems these cases I could handle through SQLite Manager addon for Firefox which I have installed but I don't know how to use.
    Would you have any directions to get started with SQLite Manager in order to delete the saved searches which crashes Zotero?
  • If I click on the search it freezes Zotero and after some time Zotero crashes.
    Could you explain what you mean by "Zotero crashes" here? You're using Zotero for Firefox, so Zotero can't crash in the traditional sense. The only real crash would be the restart message in Zotero's middle pane.

    If that's the case, can you provide a Debug ID for clicking on such a saved search?
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