extraction of bibliographic info from pdf

What would make Zotero an invaluable tool (at least for those in biomedical sciences) would be the ability to extract bibliographic information from pdf's. Pdf's have become the means of sharing research between scientists, and also storing research in biology. Extracting info from a web page is something I have never seen anyone do in biology (maybe that is a social science thing): It is all research articles, and is almost always in pdf format.

Many biologist users of Macs use a program called "Papers" for storing research as pdf's, and automatically extracting the biblio info from these pdf's (the process/algorithms seem to be accurate enough). But Papers is only for Macs, and is not free. If Zotero was to have such ability, it would be the best thing to happen for the biomedical scientist since the discovery of the polymerase chain reaction:)

Can this functionality be added to zotero?
  • http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/3079/
  • Can this functionality be added to zotero?
    An initial implementation is already present in the latest trunk build and will appear in 1.5 Sync Preview 2 and future 1.5 releases.
  • Thank you Dan. I am now using the alpha build that has the retrieve metadata from pdf function. And it works great, as good as Papers or better. I hope 1.5 gets released as soon as possible, so that I can advertise it to my colleagues.
  • Is there a timetable or estimated date of delivery for 1.5?
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