Error report #1209498745 .. Conflict Resolution dialog

Current svn

When I open the Zotero pane, the sync icon spins, I get a dialog titled
"Conflict Resolution" with columns "Local Item", "Remote Item" and "Merged Item"
there are no items shown in the columns.

I can close the dialog with "Cancel", sync status is "Not yet synced"


  • What's the end (last 15 lines or so) of the debug output for the error? You may have just triggered a not-yet-supported conflict, which isn't that hard to do.
  • I have the same problem. Following the 1.5-2 upgrade, the sync does not take place. The conflict resolution pane come on but nothing happens.

    Incident # 806355055
  • This should be fixed in SP2.1, available now. Thanks for the bug reports.
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    I use Zotero 2.0b4 on my PC. Yesterday I upgraded my Macbook from 1.5b to 2.0b4 too. Since then, each time I open the Zotero pane on the PC, the Conflict Resolution window pops up with the details of one record (local, remote, merged). The only option I have, it seems, is to close the window but it pops up again after a minute or so. This happens only on the Windows machine, not the Mac (OSX 10.5.1).
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