Search, then save

I just LOOOOVE this program so far. :) One thing I thought kind of odd, was that I did a search on my library and it pulled up 13 records. I thought there would be a way to select those items and save the search that way. I was surprised to find that I have to make a new saved search, then enter in all the criteria for what Zotero had just found. The problem is that I had no idea which fields Zotero had found my keyword in. I wish a more simple saved search option existed in which you perform a search, then can save the results of that search and the saved search was more general (as in an "any" field), and worked more like the way the regular search works. (I understand that having a more complex search option is useful for really narrowing down searches; I just wish a simpler option were also available, and one that could be saved directly from an already performed search, instead of starting from scratch. I hope I'm making sense!!
Thanks again. Did I say how much I love this program so far??
  • Hello all, I am still having this same problem. Any way we will ever be able to search in "all" fields or search "anywhere"? I performed a search today but I think the term I'm looking for might be in the text of the pdfs and I don't see that as an advanced search field. It's really frustrating that I can run a simple search but I can't save that search as a saved search!
  • Search "attachment content" for PDF fulltext content. But I agree with you that saving a "quicksearch" type search would be useful.
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