Citations linked or not?

Am thinking about adopting Zotero and just read . My question is, does a Zotero export to Word/OpenOffice work on a) the principle of a hyperlinked HTML image, where the image exists wholly outside the HTML document and must always stay in the same place or it won't display, or b) does it work as a standard paste in which the citation text then resides in the word-processing doc (independent of Zotero)?

Personally, I would much rather that the exported citation simply be a paste job so the document can stand on its own and be printed without depending on Zotero's database for linked information. So which is it?

  • The Zotero Word plugin uses fields (or alternatively bookmarks), not just a "simple paste." Zotero needs to be open to insert the citation, but after that, it's independent. You can email the document to someone and they can view/print the document just fine.

    What they can't do (yet) is harvest those citations for their own database.
  • Mike300, if you want too work with the bibliographies as plain text you can always use Zotero's Drag and drop method. Check out
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    I will actually be working with Tjowens' method for now because I use neither OO nor Word (wouldn't touch the latter with a ten-foot pole, and won't touch the former because it's nearly a clone of Word, with most of the attendant faults except that of being proprietary). I use WordPerfect, still going strong (and still the more powerful program, even after all these years). However, thanks go to arggem as well, because I'm interested in writing a WordPerfect plugin for Zotero and I wouldn't have bothered if there were some feature of Zotero that forced it to work the way I feared it might in my original post.

    So, thanks to both of you for the info.

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