Translator request : swetswise

Dear Zoteroans,

I don't think there is a translator available for Swetswise:

I was trying to access an article from Human Brain Mapping, a John Wiley title:


  • Dear Zoteroans,
    Is there any evolution with that? Swetswise is a commercial information provider very much used in Europe's libraries, especially for the serials contents (journals, e-books, etc..). It would be wotyh to have a translator for it.

  • the "very much used in Europe" is the problem - if no one of the typical translation coders has access, this is unlikely to happen.
    It's certainly worth trying to contact the database provider and ask them to support Zotero:

    Depending on the structure of the website/results you may also be able write a translator yourself with not too much effort.
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