pdf attachments vanish

Hi all,

my zotero-library contains a lot of pdf-attachments and some of them gone missing. I have no clue what could have happened to them. They were not older / bigger / in a certain folder - I don't find any pattern to this phenomenon. Does anybody has any ideas?

In detail: I have library entries, I attach a pdf, everything's fine. After a while I can still see the pdf-attachment, but when I click on it, it says, the file is missing.

I'd be glad for any advice you've got.

Thx! Friederike
  • Are you sure you're on the same computer where you originally added the files? There's not really any way for files to disappear on their own and leave the attachments behind unless something on your system is actually deleting them.

    It's more likely they just haven't synced:

  • thanks, Dan. Maybe that's it. I only use one computer but I'm not sure if I've always checked on the sync. I prefer this explanation over the one including my computer eating up files... :)
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