Unable to add new citation error -1708

Hi all, this is in reference to problem ID 653128840.
I was adding one last citation to an article almost completed, was about to submit to supervisor for review when I got this big bad error message. The operation could not be completed (OSStatus error -1708.) @[setTextRaw:field.m:393]'The operation couldn't be completed when calling method [zoterointegrationField::setText]

I followed the steps in the web page to troubleshoot broken documents to no avail, but when I try to add the exact same citation to a new blank document it works fine...

Please help!

Thanks in advance

  • Have you tried copying parts of your existing document to a new document to see when you can reproduce the error (if at all) in the new document? It's likely that some reference got messed up and is causing this error. Copying chunks of the document would help you narrow it down. (Try to not end or begin your copy selection next to a reference)
  • Hi aurimas and Thanks, by copying and pasting a few pages at a time, saving after testing that I could open the document settings dialong without any error then pasting a few more pages I was able to locate the problematic section (was just above my reference list at the end of the document.

    You made my day!
  • Any idea how that part could have gotten messed up? Did you do something weird with the references there? If you don't mind, could you send the broken document to support@zotero.org to see if we can fix the underlying issue (it will only be shared among Zotero staff)? You could send just the section of the document that is broken.
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