syncing with foldershare, limit on number of files

I have been syncing zotero across 2 computers using foldershare so as to include attached files. I noted that there is a limit of 10,000 files. I don't have anywhere near that many stored references, but have close to that many files. That is because, when taking a snapshot of a webpage, Zotero saves the numerous individual files that make up the page. If there is no way to reduce the number of files, perhaps you could make it easy to have separate zotero files that can be switched between without creating separate profiles? Then one could have a separate zotero file for saving web pages, from one used to file and store actual documents. Better yet, I am hoping you will have a way to accomodate all those files when zotero sync gets beyond the preview stage.

Foldershare also stopped working on one of the computers because of a long file name that I could not find or fix, but not the other.
  • The long term solution here will be folded into Zotero 1.5. You will be able to sync your files through WebDAV or through S3 storage.
  • Today I have exactly had the issue that Stognetti discusses above, and this is with FolderShare's new limit of 20,000 files. I routinely snapped an image of each page. Now FolderShare tells me to "reduce" the Storage folder to below 20K & then re-add Storage folder to my FolderShare library. So, I went through and deleted off all the snapshots. I go to Storage & properties tells me there are still 20,015 files !! How is this possible?

    Please show me how to reduce the size of the storage folder- how is it that it still shows the same number of files after I went through & deleted off every snapshot in the libraries ??

    I have been using FolderShare with Zotero for well over a year. Just hit the 20K maximum with all the snapshots. I went through & carefully deleted the snapshots & the Storage folder shows absolutely no diminishment in size. I do not understand what is happening.

    Tjowens speaks of "WebDAV"- I don't know what this is. Is this something that is easy to set up or takes a developer's knowledge? I'm either looking for how to reduce the storage folder size and/or set up WebDAV. Whatever is simplest solution. I would really appreciate the help. thanks.
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    If you are using Zotero 2.0 beta have you emtied the trash (at the bottom of the collections list - right click on it and select "empty")?

    As for WebDAV it is quite easy to set up, some users have offered recommendations of both free and paid-for services, alternatively if you are at a university or college they might be able to provide it. This page tells you what to do with it at the Zotero end.
  • Another thing to try is to go to the "gear menu" (icon is a gear wheel) and click "purge deleted storage files".
  • Bionatsci:
    Many thanks for this obvious solution ! Yes, I am in v 2.0b6.5 & of course I used Z well before the addition of the trashcan. Yes, my Storage folder quickly went from 20K + to about 6K. This will get me re-started with FolderShare.

    I also appreciate the WebDAV recommendations thread you provided above. Infact I have a account & may well migrate over there to avoid file-size limitations with FS. is no cost & users must be aware that it is not secure (http only).

    I had previously set up preference for automatic adding of snapshot with every page. It does not take long for 20K files to build up, by the many component files added with each page. This *will* be an issue with FolderShare users.
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