Sorting in library window depends on the way author data was entered

When entering author names one can select one entry field for the whole name or two entry fields, one for the last name and one for the first names.

When I sort the references in the library window by creator, the references where I used the two field option get sorted by the the last name. But the references where I used the one-field option get sorted by the first name. So articles by the same author end up far away from each other, just because I used a different way of entering the author's name.

Is this a bug or a feature?

The simple workaround is of course to always switch back to the two-field option after entering an author. But this is a bit inconvenient and extra work, whereas the goal of Zotero is to save work.
  • Names of natural persons should typically be entered in the two-field format. The one-field format is mostly meant for institutions, like "National Institutes of Health", that don't have a last name to sort on.
  • Seems I display unanticipated user behaviour. ;-)

    When Zotero is unable to extract pdf metadata (mostly for conference proceedings and technical reports) it is less work to copy the first and last name in one go. I will have to discipline myself than to switch back to the two field option every time after this action.
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