word bibliog includes amazon url

I moved from scribe to zotero. scribe gets bibliographic info from amazon, then you add notes etc so it saves the amazon url with the biblog details. now i have moved to zotero, when i add a ref in word, then create bibliog, the bib includes the url which looks nasty and is wrong. I don't seem to have any options in zotero as to what, and what not to, include. Any thoughts? Do I need to export the scribe data again in a different way? Obviously any refs I have added in zotero alone work fine, its just the former scribe stuff
  • Also as a side note, in chicago style, if i do a footnote it gives me a 1, 2 etc as a ref, good, but if i do endnotes it gives roman numerals - not good. can i have end notes with numbers?
  • its ok, i did it the old fashioned way, i went thro the whole lot and erased them all manually!
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